Non-profit association "ETHNOTOLERANCE" was established in 2002 by a group of professors from the University of Shumen, their former and current students. It works actively for the development of ethnic tolerance, helps to generate new ideas, exchange information and gain experience in the field of social communication, civic and intercultural education. The main goals of the association are: To encourage and support interactions and knowledge in the field of civic and intercultural education, tolerant coexistence of ethnocultural communities, to support the preservation and cultivation of cultural identity, to encourage the building of a young elite in ethnic communities and thus contributes to an open, pluralistic and democratic society. The subject of activity is: - Research and evaluation of the ethnocultural potential of Bulgaria and its opportunities for development, and the level of ethnic tolerance and opportunities for intercultural dialogue - Organizing and conducting seminars, workshops, exhibitions and other public events to promote, development and promotion of intercultural dialogue - Development and project management. In its more than fifteen-year history, the Association has implemented over 10 national and one international project. Members of the Management Board are: Yanka Totseva, Kalina Yocheva and Milka Georgieva

Members and associates of the Association "ETHNOTOLERANCE" have been trained in seminars of the Bulgarian Helsinki Committee, The European Institute, The ACCESS Foundation and others.

All members of the Association have been trained in transactional analysis.